Facing Food

product design

In Facing Food, Roel Vandebeek blurs the lines between applied art and product design. The basic shapes of this 20-piece porcelain service set are irregular circles. The addition of a small black dot suggests a face. The subtle placement of this “eyelet” on the porcelain and its diameter represent a considerable modification.

The plates and bowls are made in creamy white bone china, glazed on both sides. The collection consists of ten basic shapes or ‘characters’. The can be combined with each other, and when combined they appear to be in conversation. They are in dialogues with the environment, the food and other parts of the service set.

Awarded with
- Henri van de Velde Label 2013
- Core 77 Award 2014

Facing Foods, 10 pieces, 1 colour
Bread Plate, Plate Small, Plate Medium
Plate Large, Plate Extra Large, Serving Plate
Bowl Small, Bowl Medium, Bowl Large

Facing Food technical catalogue (pdf)


durable porcelain
High thermal stability
Dishwasher safe


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